May 12

DCR at Chick-fil-A LeaderFest

I highly recommend attending the next Chick-fil-A Leaderfest!

You can expect to be challenged. Inspired. Encouraged. You will learn how to improve your own leadership skills and also have the opportunity to network with other leaders in your area. You will see how less equals more as you move forward as a leader.

Apr 12

We’re Moving!

Apr 12

DCR Business Leads at Lake Houston Business Expo


I had a blast and made a lot of new contacts.  I encourage all businesses to get involved in your local Chamber of Commerce and get a booth at all local business expo’s.


-Joseph Thornhill


Mar 12

What do I say when I am networking?

Today we live in a fast paced world.


There is information everywhere, all the time.


Attention Spans are shorter.


Therefore, our presentations have to be








Mar 12

Don’t miss the Lake Houston Business Expo

Market Yourself.  Grow Your Business.  Network.

Don’t miss the Lake Houston Business Expo presented by Insperity, March 27 11am-7pm at the Humble Civic Center.


DCR Business Leads will be set up at booth #421.  I look forward to meeting all of you.



Jan 12

Kids, do not try this at home!


I saw this on you tube and it made me squirm to the point where I had to turn it off.  How long can you last?

Jan 12

BMA Luncheon

It is a rough job!  Today I went to the How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media to Propel Personal Business Goals, presented by Trish Cunningham, Business Development Manager for Brookwoods Group.  We discussed the social media “rights” and “wrongs.”  Over all I feel that social media is a good tool to help your business grow.


Take Aways:

1. Links add context to a tweet/post and give you the opportunity to drive fans back to your website (or someone else’s that you think is really great).

2. Make sure your accounts have photos, bios, and you are interacting with your friends/followers regularly.

3. Post interesting articles and things that people want to link to – the best way to get links and retweets is to post great stuff that will catch someone’s interest.


Now to the good part!  How was the food???

You be the judge…


Jan 12

You won’t see us Tebow-ing in Houston, we will be Foster-ing.


You won’t see us Tebow-ing in Houston, we will be  Foster-ing.

Jan 12

DCR roots for the Houston Texans!

DCR roots for the Houston Texans

DCR Business Leads wants to wish the Houston Texans good luck this weekend against the Baltimore Ravens.  It is no secret that this is the Texans first run into the playoffs, every week brings a new experience. In the Wild-Card round, they picked up their first victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, they’ll make their first road appearance in the postseason.  Both teams should have a similar game plan: Run game vs. run game and defense vs. defense.

The Ravens have already defeated the Texans back in Week 6, when Schaub was still the starting QB for Houston. Three months and two quarterbacks later, Houston’s back in Baltimore with T.J. Yates running the show.  He’ll have to be pretty much flawless and be able to handle the pressure of playing on the road with the loud and ruthless Baltimore fans.



Jan 12

DCR visits the AMA Luncheon

Today I embarked on a journey to the AMA (American Marketing Association) Luncheon event in Houston.  Philip C. Jacobs, Senior VP, CMO, Service Corporation International (Dignity Funeral Homes) was the speaker.   Mr. Jacobs talked about his efforts to grow sales and margins by enhancing Dignity’s brand identity, generating pre-need sales, improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring that products and services at all locations are specifically designed and properly communicated for the needs of their respective communities.

Now lets get to what everyone really wants to know…  HOW WAS THE FOOD???  I will let you be the judge!